JACO Quality Plastic Tube Connectors
Unique fitting molded from four corrosion-resistant thermoresins.
Banjo Glass Reinforced PP Fittings
Banjo Corporation specializes in injection molding of glass reinforced polypropylene with an excellent reputation for high quality.
Plastomatic Engineering Valves & Controls
Quality engineered thermoplastic valves & controls for corrosive & ultra-pure liquids.
Rusco Durable Thermoplastic Filters
Rusco’s complete line of SpinDown™ Sediment and Sediment Trapper™ Model Filters make solid particle removal simple and economical.
Debem has been operating in the liquid transfer sector for more than 30 years. A pioneering business specializing in industrial pumps for highly corrosive and aggressive applications.
Watercare Products PE tank
We supply quality rotomolded LMDPE and extrusion molded HDPE innovative thermoplastic storage vessel.